Rendang Tofu

Recipe Card_0022.jpg

1 packet of Batu Lesung Rendang Rempah
200ml Coconut cream (Kara brand)
1 square Tau Kwa, cut into thick slices
Oyster mushroom
King mushroom
Enoki mushroom

Basil leaves
Red onion, thinly sliced


  • Combine the Batu Lesung Rendang Rempah spice paste with the coconut cream and stir until thoroughly mixed.

  • Bake uncovered in 150C oven for 1 hour. You can also cook reduce the mixture over low heat on the stove. Be sure to stir often to avoid burning the sauce.

  • While the sauce is reducing, pan fry the tau kwa slices until toasted on both sides. You can also do this with an air fryer.

  • In a hot frying pan, sear the mushrooms until tender and charred.

  • To serve, spoon some sauce on a plate and arrange the tau kwa and mushrooms on top. Garnish with the sliced onions and basil leaves. Do have more sauce on the side in case your guests wish for more!