Grilled Salmon in Banana Leaf

Recipe Card_0033.jpg

600g Salmon cut into four thick steaks
1 packet Batu Lesung Panggang BBQ Marinade
Banana leaf

Coriander, chopped
Chili, finely sliced
Limes, cut into wedges
Tomatoes, diced
Shallots, thinly slices


  • Cut the banana leaf into 15 by 15cm squares.

  • Rub the Batu Lesung Panggang BBQ Marinade all over the salmon steaks and wrap them in the banana leaf.  Secure the ends with toothpicks.

  • Heat a frying pan until smoking hot.

  • Pan fry the parcels for 1 minute on each side.  Set aside and let the salmon rest for 2 minutes.

  • To serve, unwrap the parcels and garnish with chopped coriander, chili, lime wedges, diced tomatoes and thinly sliced shallots.