Our pastes


Our pastes

Batu Lesung, in the Malay language, refers to a traditional mortar and pestle used in many cultures and cuisines.

Inspired by the labour of love that goes into preparing the complex flavours of Southeast Asian cooking, Batu Lesung Spice Company aims to honour the artisanal methods and flavours with only the freshest quality ingredients.

Avoiding preservatives, enhancers and fillers, our products are rich and flavourful spice pastes that bring you back to the good old days of home cooked meals. 

Unlike other spice pastes around, Batu Lesung products use healthier oils- soybean oil instead of palm oil. Our pastes are made from the freshest ingredients and do not contain any preservatives and flavour enhancers, making food that is good for you.

Batu Lesung pastes are ready to use straight out of the packet, which takes hours off the work in the kitchen. This means that you can have fun experimenting in the kitchen instead of going through tedious preparation processes. Feel free to be imaginative and come up with more contemporary dishes with our products and enjoy the bold, unique tastes of Southeast Asia in your own ways of cooking.